"For my first Bub I went private, so I stayed in hospital for four days where I had access to the Medichill ice packs - which were heaven - so I wanted to stock up for home this time around."
Kind regards

"Thank you. I just gave birth at John Hunter Hospital. They gave me some, your product really is truly fantastic and unique. They should stock you guys in all chemists. Thanks."

"Hello Medichill, I couldn't find any timings for deliveries on your website but I am very much hoping the delivery is quick as I've just come out of hospital and used these fantastic ice pads. The hospital couldn't give me any more than a couple which I have already used. Thanks."
Sian Champkin

"It's a great product that St John of God Hospital gave me to use during my healing process right after giving birth. I totally recommend this product for childbirth pain."
C Seet

"I ordered the MediChill Dental and Jaw Cool Cubes with adjustable compression head cover and it has made my recovery so much more comfortable. The customer service was outstanding. Susi went above and beyond to make sure I had my package before I went into surgery, even though I contacted MediChill at the last minute (last minute surgery). More than affordable, in fact, cheap, compared to most of the other products I was looking at, but good quality and effective. Highly recommended."
A. Petulla

"I recently had all four wisdom teeth removed and used the Medichill facial ice pack to help reduce the swelling. It's mega convenient and super effective and I loved that I could re-use it - it made a big difference to my recovery."
Andrew Huffer

"I love the product and find it great for use with the students in the school."
Guthrie Street Primary

"Excellent. Very easy and hygienic. The children are happy to use them".
Walgett Community College

"Good, handy to wrap around limbs etc. Something new and different. Almost excited to get hurt".
Croydon Public School  

"Great for getting kids out of the Health Centre and back to class faster. Saved on more expensive non-disposable ice packs for more serious injuries. The children think they are great. Good size, portable. Like the gel feel when they melt".
Loreto College

"My Medichill cool cubes have made a significant impact in my day to day management of my post surgical back and groin pain. Whilst I have always found conventional icepacks quite bulky and cumbersome, the unique and versatile design of my Medichill Cool Cube icepacks (and sheaths) applied with Medichill's self adhesive tape, means I can now enjoy pinpoint, pain relief directly to the hard to reach areas, where I increasingly need it.

Due to post surgical problems following a poorly performed spinal fusion, I experience a deep burning, stabbing type pain in my sacrum, abdomen and groin, plus sciatica referring down my right leg and creating plantar fasciitis type symptoms in my right foot (check out symptoms and quote, if of use).

Because I can cut the MCC icepacks to whatever shape or size I need, I can then strap them using the self adhesive tape/bandage, to precisely the area that requires a short, sharp blast of pain relief  They are lightweight, flexible and discreet and contain only water instead of any potentially toxic gel, which is reassuring when I apply them adjacent/close to intimate areas and in my groin. Although, I can rest assured, that due to the hardy yet flexible nature of the packs, be I sitting, standing or walking, they will not puncture or leak.

I soak my personalised packs briefly in water and then freeze them in my freezer cabinet. Due to their clever and unique design, the cubes/capsules continue to retain the cold water once it's defrosted, which means I needn't worry about any potentially embarrassing wet spots appearing on any clothing, I may be wearing over the top.  In the past, the usual bulkier gel ice packs, once defrosted, become heavy and wet and can easily slip out down a trouser leg or from beneath a top, which has proved more than a little embarrassing!

Finally, for the reasons mentioned above, I feel confident that I have finally found a reliable tool to aid me with my longterm, pain management plan, which in successfully breaking the cycle of pain, deescalates flare ups and the need for the immediate pain relief, I used to only get from strong, oral pain relief medications. Due to this reduction in painkiller (which due to longterm use, were actually becoming much less effective), I no longer suffer all the negative side effects such as nausea, brain fog, headaches or stomach pains as well as the potential longterm problems that can be caused by continued use of strong medications over the years.

So a massive thank you Medichill for creating such an inventive, well thought through method of truly, personalised/bespoke pain relief; and at such a reasonable price too!

All the best,"
Katie Forster

"As a hay fever sufferer my eyes are constantly itchy, watery, red and sore. To cool them down I would normally rinse a towel in cold water and place it on my closed eyes but the cold temperature doesn’t last long and is wet and not very comfortable. Using the Medichill Cool Cubes (IP22) was far more effective for me and helped relieve and cool my eyes down for a whole lot longer. I would personally recommend this and the best thing about Medichill is you can reuse it over again!"
Name withheld

"As promised I can wholeheartedly recommend the Medichill cool cubes and fingers.

They are perfect for post treatment (sterile and non-sterile environments) cooling to help reduce swelling, bruising and erythema.

Our consultants love the individual fingers post injectable treatments and also post laser treatment as they are single use and small enough to press onto injection sites and smaller facial areas – they are soft enough for the face as well.

The cool fingers definitely aid patient comfort and reduce any after effects; they come with convenient individual covers and are very easy to freeze and use.

We use them for:
Botox and fillers
Laser treatments
Post surgery
Post peels"

Kate Whitling
General Manager
The Cadogan Clinic

"We do predominantly Eye surgery, so the ice packs that we have work very well. The only other feedback that I can offer is they are simple to use and work well. Thanks for the general information brochure, much appreciated."
Kind regards,
Jennifer, Bridgewater Day Surgery