Cool Cubes Cold Therapy for Hospitals, Schools and the Home

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Medichill Cool Cubes assist with pain management for soft tissue trauma, they reduce swelling and promote a faster recovery so you can resume activity safely and promptly.


Cold therapy, works on the principle of heat exchange. Cold placed against a heat-generating bruise, will absorb the heat and slow blood flow to the area giving a sense of relief. Cold therapy also numbs nerve endings. This stops the transfer of impulses to the brain that register as pain. Suitable for soft tissue sports injuries, migraines and post-operative trauma.

Warm Therapy works in the opposite way, it promotes blood flow, relaxes and eases tight muscles. It is therefore ideal for injury rehabilitation, back aches and stomach cramps.

Medichill for comforting pain relief, natural and medication free.

Over a period of 25 years, Medichill have developed a more natural way of dealing with pain and discomfort in a very simple to use solution, ‘Cool Cubes’. These unique multi-purpose sheets can be cut to varying sizes providing comfort through pain relief and reduction of swelling for a wide variety of chronic and acute pain situations.

The sheets can be re-used by the same patient or simply disposed of when soiled or treatment completed.

Medichill Cool Cubes have got your pain relief covered, from the smallest extremity to the largest, providing either a cold or warm therapy solution for you. The Cool Cubes whether used cold or hot, offer a comforting, medication-free solution to pain. They utilise harnessed water that can be frozen chilled or heated depending on your pain relief requirements.

Medichill Cool Cubes Ice Packs

The simple design consists of two bonded sheets encapsulating a cell of super absorbent polymers (SAPs). The sheets are provided dehydrated for light and easy distribution and storage. To prepare for use, you simply cut to your preferred size if needed, then hydrate the sheet. The SAPs absorb and retain the water within the cell and when firm to touch they are then ready to Freeze, Chill or Heat.

Medichill Cool Cubes are easy to prepare and apply

The Medichill ‘Cool Cubes’ ice pads are manufactured to ISO 9001 and are registered with FDA USA, TGA Australia, CE Europe and Medsafe NZ. They are completely safe, not harmful and non-allergenic.

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